ISNA History

At 9 am on 24th August 1970, Prof. Tetsuo Nozoe started the first ISNA meeting by saying, " Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my great pleasure and honor to announce the opening of the International Symposium on the Chemistry of Nonbenzenoid Aromatic Compounds. This Symposium has been made possible only through the great enthusiasm of numerous overseas and domestic scientists." After a half century, his statement is still right in terms of chemists' enthusiasm, which has been making the ISNA series circulated around the world every few years although its name changed from "nonbenzenoid" to "novel" aromatics in 1977. .

A summary diagram of the ISNA series is shown below together with the characteristic logo marks.

ISNA-1, 1970
Sendai, Japan

T. Nozoe, Chair
S. Itô, Gen. Sec.

ISNA-2, 1974
Lindau, Germany

K. Hafner, Chair

ISNA-3, 1977
San Francisco, USA

R. Breslow, Chair

ISNA-4, 1981
Jerusalem, Israel

I. Agranat, Chair

ISNA-5, 1985
St. Andrews, Scotland

C. Rees, President

ISNA-6, 1989
Osaka, Japan

I. Murata, Chair

ISNA-7, 1992
Victoria, Canada

R. Mitchell, Chair
L. T. Scott, Co-Chair

ISNA-8, 1995
Braunschweig, Germany

H. Hopf, Chair
K. Müllen, Chair

ISNA-9, 1998
Hong Kong

H. Wong, Chair

ISNA-10, 2001
San Diego, CA, USA

J. Siegel, Chair

ISNA-11, 2005
St. John's, NL, Canada

G. Bodwell, Chair
R. Tykwinski, Co-Chair

ISNA-12, 2007
Hyogo, Japan

Y. Tobe, Chair
M. Iyoda, Vice Chair

ISNA-13, 2009

F. Diederich, Chair
A. D. Schlüter, Co-Chair

ISNA-14, 2011
Eugene, OR, USA

M. Haley, Chair
B. King, Co-Chair

ISNA-15, 2013
Taipei, Taiwan

K.-T. Wong, Chair
C. T. Chen, Co-Chair
J.-S. Yang, Gen. Sec.

ISNA-16, 2015
Madrid, Spain

N. Martín, Chair
M. Á. Herranz, Gen. Sec.

ISNA-17, 2017
Stony Brook, NY, USA

N. S. Goroff, Chair
C. Nuckolls, Vice Chair

ISNA-18, 2019
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

T. Suzuki, Chair
T. Kubo, Co-chair
Y. Ishigaki, Gen. Sec.


ISNA-19, 2021, Warsaw, Poland
M. K. Cyranski, Chair