Nozoe Lecture


2001-Professor (C4) of Organic Chemistry and Director of the Otto-Diels-Institute, University of Kiel, Germany
1996-2001Professor (C3) of Organic Chemistry, Technical University Braunschweig
1986-1996Habilitation, University of Erlangen (Schleyer)
1984-1985Postdoc, University of Southern California (Olah)
1981-1984PhD, Institute of Organic Chemistry, TU Munich (Ugi)


2017Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston
2013Australian National University, Canberra
2005University of Melbourne
1998Stanford University
1995École Normale Supérieure, Paris


2015Science Award of the City of Kiel
2012Musher, Memorial Lecturer, Hebrew University
2009Honorary Membership of the Israel Chemical Society
2008Project Officer of the German Research Foundation
2007Rubin lectureship, Technion, Haifa
2005Wilsmore Fellowship, University of Melbourne
1993ADUC Award for Habilitands
1993Chemical Structure Association Trust Award
1986Liebig Scholarship of the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie
1986Dissertation Award Technical University Munich
1984Feodor Lynen Scholarship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation


organic synthesis, photochemistry, molecular machines, quantum mechanics

  1. Computer-Aided Discovery of a Novel Elimination Reaction, Science 1992, 255, 711.
  2. Synthesis of a Möbius Aromatic Hydrocarbon, Nature 2003, 426, 819.
  3. Delocalization of Electrons in Molecules (ACID), J. Phys. Chem. A 2001, 105, 3214.
  4. Magnetic Bistability of Molecules in Solution at r.t., Science 2011, 331, 445.

The Nozoe Lecture

On April 4, 1996, the organic chemistry community lost one of its staunchest champions, Professor Tetsuo Nozoe, just a month before his 94th birthday. His death marked the end of an era of organic chemistry, not only in Japan but worldwide, especially among the fellowship of ISNA chemists. His involvement with and commitment to the ISNA movement is legendary.

Professor Nozoe served as the founding chairman of ISNA at age 68, and the inaugural meeting took place in Sendai, Japan, from August 24-28, 1970. His leadership continued not simply with guidance and support but by his attendance at every ISNA through ISNA-8 in Braunschweig, Germany, in August 1995. But never think that his presence was merely symbolic! He attended lectures, participated in debate, and astounded his junior colleagues by continuing to present his most recent research results with unswerving enthusiasm and a clarity that put many of us to shame.

Because of his stature within the ISNA family of chemists, the passing of this legendary figure is commemorated at each ISNA by a Nozoe Lecture. We owe a great thanks to the extended community of Nozoe students and friends in Japan, led by Professor Shô Itô (1924-1918), who raised funds under the auspices of the Japanese Committee of Nozoe Projects not simply for appropriate tributes in Japan but also for a Nozoe Lecture at each ISNA through ISNA-13. The financial support for these lectures and the responsibility for instigating the selection of each Nozoe Lecturer were passed to an International Committee for the Nozoe Lectureship comprising some of his former students and friends.

The current Nozoe Lectureship Selection Panel comprises Lawrence T. Scott (convener, North America), François Diederich (Europe), Peter Bäuerle (Europe), Andrew B. Holmes (Oceania), Michael M. Haley (North America), and Yoshito Tobe (Asia).

Nominations for the ISNA-19 Nozoe Lecturer should be made to Lawrence T. Scott, Louise & Jim Vanderslice Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, Merkert Chemistry Center, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3860 USA (e-mail: by 1 April 2020.

Guidelines for the Nozoe Lectures

  1. There shall be a designated "Nozoe Lecture" associated with each International Symposium on Novel Aromatic Compounds (ISNA), having begun with ISNA-9 in 1998 (Hong Kong).
  2. Only one such plenary lecture shall occur at each ISNA.
  3. The person chosen to deliver The Lecture shall be of high international standing in the community of chemists.
  4. The selection of the Nozoe Lecturer shall be made by a Nozoe Lectureship Selection Panel (NLSP) composed of 5 or 6 of the most recent Nozoe Lecturers, with no more than two from each of the following geographical regions:
    1. Asia and Oceania
    2. Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
    3. The American Continents
  5. No one involved with the organization of an ISNA may serve on the NLSP.
  6. The membership of the NLSP for a given ISNA shall be ratified by the ISNA International Advisory Board (IAB) not later than six months before, for announcement at, the preceding ISNA. Those members of the NLSP present at this symposium shall meet to settle procedural matters for selection of the Lecturer.
  7. Nominations for the Nozoe Lecturer may be made by any person who attended the preceding ISNA and any member of the IAB or the organizing committee for the preceding ISNA. Nominations are to be made to the chair of the NLSP in accord with the timetable announced at the preceding ISNA.
  8. Once selected, the Nozoe Lecturer will be notified, his/her acceptance secured, and the chair of the next ISNA advised accordingly.
  9. Should the selected Nozoe Lecturer be a person already chosen by the ISNA organizers as a plenary or invited lecturer, the Nozoe Lectureship shall take precedence, and the vacant slot shall be allocated to a "reserve."
  10. The necessary monies to enable presentation of The Nozoe Lecture shall be provided for in the budget of the Symposium.