Official Special Issue of ISNA-18

We are happy to announce that the official special issue of ISNA-18 will be published: ChemPlusChem, 2019, Volume 84, Issue 6 (Editor: Marisa Spiniello and Jonathan Faiz; Guest Editors: Shinji Toyota, Rik Tykwinski, Aiko Fukazawa, and Wallace W. H. Wong). Following the special issue on Novel Aromatics that came out of ISNA-16 (2017, Volume 82, Issue 7), this is the second collaboration with ChemPlusChem ( ).

This special issue will provide an update on the multidisciplinary aspects of aromatic compounds -- from the synthesis of new molecules to informative studies featuring calculations, photophysics, optoelectronics, and surface analysis, and applications in, for example, organic electronics.

Please visit the website of the special issue!